Avast Secureline Netflix – The Most Relevant Information

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The review covers Avast! SecureLine VPN, which allows you to ensure anonymity and security when using the Internet. Also, it is perfect to watch Netflix. The program is a VPN client that runs on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. It encrypts network traffic and hides IP addresses. As a result, the user can work on public Wi-Fi networks without fear of interception of traffic by attackers, and bypass restrictions on visiting websites in specific regions. Also, he can watch Netflix without any interruptions. So, in this Avast Secureline Netflix review, we will discuss this interesting VPN


AVAST Software is best known for its antivirus products and especially the free version of Avast! Free Antivirus. However, in the modern world, when users are increasingly using mobile devices and the boundaries between using mobile devices for personal and work needs are increasingly blurring, unprotected data transmission channels are becoming the main problem, and antivirus can be not enough. In this review, we will look at one of the AVAST Software applications that allows you to ensure data privacy while watching everything you want on Netflix.

Product Description

Avast! SecureLine VPN provides ordinary users with a fairly simple and convenient VPN (Virtual Private Network) client. The essence of this technology is that when using it, the user does not access the Internet directly, but through a special server, the exchange of data with which is encrypted. Encryption prevents attackers from intercepting user data when accessing the Internet through unsecured Wi-Fi points and also provides protection against data leakage at the provider’s side. The presence of separate dedicated servers allows you to ensure the anonymity of the network. In this case, the websites visited will not be able to track the online activity and geographic location of users.

The Functionality of Avast! SecureLine VPN

Next, we will discuss the VPN operation technology. A VPN client is installed on the user’s computer and communicates with a secure gateway, which is the VPN server. Communication is carried out over an encrypted channel, which protects the user from leakage of personal data when using unsecured points (for example, when working with public Wi-Fi) and Man in the Middle attacks. Besides it, consider the following:

Secure connection. SecureLine VPN anonymizes Internet activity and makes credentials, emails, instant messages, and credit card transactions invisible to hackers, whether they are connected over WiFi or other types of connections.

Viewing and listening to content from other countries. When connecting via SecureLine VPN, the sites will assume that the user is connecting from a different location, not from the current country, which will allow them to view local content anywhere in the world. VPN tunnels are available for the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Singapore.

Convenient use. SecureLine is activated by one big red button. In addition, you can configure automatic activation of protection when connected to open WiFi networks.


As you can see, Avast! SecureLine VPN is a pretty safe client, which does not slow the speed of your computer and the internet. Therefore, you can normally use it while watching Netflix.