Netgear VPN Router: Easy Steps for Installation

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Netgear Router allows you to surf the Internet, without problems and obstacles thanks to the VPN option. Moreover, it is possible for all devices that you can connect to the Netgear Router immediately. This is very convenient for those families that connect to the Internet through different devices.

How Netgear Router connects to VPN

Not all models of this router can connect to the VPN. Such a function is possible for a toothed router. The connection is due to the OpenVPN protocol. On the other hand, the user can easily configure and use other protocols through the desired section in the settings.

To get started, make sure this feature is available on your router model. If this feature is available, be sure to connect your device to the router.

Connection and configuration of VPN are carried out in several steps:

  • Enabling the VPN function on the device
  • Downloading files for setting up and configuring VPN, installing these files
  • Customization
  • Verify successful setup and protocol setup

Let’s look at each step in order.

Enabling the VPN function on the device

Go to the website of the manufacturer Netgear VPN Router. There you will find a window for entering your account. Enter two items there: username and password. With this, everything is simple:

in the username, line and enter: “admin”, and in the password line – respectively, “password”.

Now, find the VPN settings page, go there. Next, click on the following tabs:

  • Advanced
  • Advanced settings
  • VPN Service
  • Find the “Enable VPN Service” tab, check the box and click apply.

Now go to the step with downloading and installing the protocol.

Downloading files for setting up and configuring VPN

In this case, you need to go to the OpenVPN website. There you will find a file for downloading and installing the protocol. There are several options to choose from for different versions of Windows.

So, after the file is downloaded, open it and follow the instructions of the installer. After that, open the installed file on your device. Please note that installation will occur at the specified location by default. You can change the installation address.


Return to the site where you first visited to configure the VPN for Netgear Router. Click on the “for Windows” checkbox. You will download the file in the “.zip” format.

Now unzip the contents to the folder where OpenVPN was downloaded. Then follow the next steps.

  • Go to the LAN settings.
  • In the Control Panel, find Adapter Settings Changes.
  • There you should see the type of network TAP-Windows Adapter.
  • Replace the network name with NETGEAR-VPN.

Now it’s time to check how correctly everything went.

Verification and checking out the installation

So, to check the VPN settings, do the following:

On the OpenVPN GUI icon, click on the mouse button and find “Show Status”.

With the right settings, the status will appear connected.

In general, tuning and optimization are usually successful.

As for other VPN services, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, you need to go to the site of your service. Usually, providers provide instructions and configuration files for your router, for example, setting up the DD-WRT router.

As you can see, the Netgear Router provides great opportunities for connecting to the VPN. Setup and installation are quite simple and possible in just 4 steps. Next, just check the correctness and enjoy the free Internet, without interruptions and restrictions.