What is the Best Data Protection Service Provider


Data is incredibly important to both corporations and hackers, and the implications of data breaches are far-reaching: from terrible PR to revenue loss, to legal expenditures connected with data breaches…compromised data can wreak havoc on a business.

Keeping data safe is critical when attempting to optimize synergies and expand organizations, but what is the best strategy to protect data?

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) can be a secure and efficient method of storing and sharing sensitive data. In fact, VDRs are claimed to reduce the danger of third-party information theft.

The Securest VDRs

We recommend you look at this list of VDRs as the most secure data room providers.


DealRoom is undoubtedly one of the most secure virtual data rooms specifically designed to minimize project management and M&A inefficiencies. DealRoom started providing secure VDR services in 2012 and quickly became a big name in the M&A market. With an intuitive user interface, unparalleled security, and in-depth AI analysis, DealRoom’s data room is an automatic choice for data-sensitive transactions.


Intralinks is the world’s most sophisticated VDR, allowing you to do large-scale transactions with ease and speed. To accomplish the processes error-free and accurately, a completely automated procedure is used. It is feature-rich and offers round-the-clock expert assistance. Intralinks’ support team consists of actual, qualified human beings. Because this is an automated procedure, all processes were completed in a streamlined manner with no confusion or pauses.


iDeals Solutions is an experienced and reputable virtual data room supplier. Our experience and excellent outcomes have been tried and tested by investment bankers, attorneys, and top executives worldwide. As the market’s most result-oriented and adaptable organization, we constantly listen to our clients and provide them with the safest, most pleasant, and quick solution to reach their strategic goals in any type of transaction.

Merrill Data Site

Merrill, Intralinks, and DealRoom technically fall into the same category, as Merrill is commonly used in mergers, acquisitions, and similar high-profile business transactions. Merrill offers all the basic and advanced features of the virtual data room, including a branded website. These data room services are primarily used in the investment banking, legal, business development, and private equity sectors. However, Merrill is more expensive than its main competitors.


The main goal of ForData is to support deal makers in the best possible way. ForData’s virtual data room offers impeccable security, excellent usability, and robust customer service. With all important VDR features such as document permission settings, automatic indexing, document viewer, etc., ForData’s electronic data room is a preferred option in law firms, banks, and consulting firms.


ShareFile data room software is a versatile solution that offers exceptional services for various business areas and functions such as marketing, human resource management, finance, etc. The ShareFile data room has some useful features such as granular user access, view-protected access, and dynamic watermarks. In addition, it integrates with OneDrive and Google Suite.


SecureDocs virtual data room is user-friendly, super easy to configure, intuitive, and has transparent pricing plans. SecureDocs prides itself on unbreakable security features and simplicity, but these data rooms are not highly recommended for due diligence. Notable features include digital watermarks, permission settings, bulk uploads, and drag and drop.


It is a one-stop shop for Virtual Data Rooms for individuals, teams, and businesses. It is a document management program with several software capabilities. It is a cloud-based platform that can be used with iOS and Android and is accessible as Software as a Service (SaaS). Clinked has content management capabilities, file sharing features, collaboration features, social networking features, workflow management features, VDR features, internal communication features, and knowledge management features in addition to document management functions.


If you are looking for a virtual data room solution for small transactions or everyday operations, Box can be a great asset to your business. Box has all the basic features of a secure virtual data room, such as security features, fast data exchange, etc. However, Box is not recommended for large transactions.