What is the Best VPN for Portable WiFi Router?

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A router is a device that connects networks with different interfaces or protocols to each other. Most often, the router is used as a connecting link between the user’s home WiFi network and the Internet provider’s network. It’s that it connects to the Internet, receives an external IP address, distributing it to all nodes of the local network via WiFi or LAN.

How to connect the VPN to a portable router?

The complexity of setting up a VPN on a router depends on the model or manufacturer. Home routers can be configured in 5 minutes. And to configure enterprise solutions, such as Cisco routers, you have to sweat a lot.

Advantages of setting a VPN on a portable router

Connecting to a secure channel for all network devices at the same time, even those on which it is impossible to configure VPN, is technically impossible: Smart TV consoles, game consoles, or even smart refrigerators. This opens up access to blocked TV broadcasts, game stores or services.

Router configuration is required only once. No third-party programs or constant on or off. Home wifi will be protected.

Does it always work great

On cheap router models (basic Dlink, TPlink models) the use of a secure protocol will put a heavy load on the processor. In addition to the fact that the device will warm up significantly, and the possibility of its failure will increase, due to the increased load, the download speed and bandwidth will drop. This is not considering the speed drops when using servers located in other countries.

Not every router supports connection via a VPN. The most popular and cheapest models, as a rule, do not support it. In the instructions and on the boxes of models that work with a virtual network, support for the L2TP, IPSec, or OpenVPN protocols (DD-WRT, Tomato, etc.) should be indicated.

Even those routers that allow you to enable VPN, sometimes you have to reflash with custom firmware DD-WRT or Tomato.

What could void the device’s warranty

The software of some models is rather unreliable. Firstly, a VPN connection can be permanently disconnected, and secondly, the security and anonymity of devices on the network of such a router may be in jeopardy. Some models can be hacked very easily using information from open sources on the Internet.

Due to the nature of the settings, you will have to use paid VPN services.

Which VPN service for a portable router to choose

No matter how you want to save, it is best to choose paid services. In addition to security and anonymity, such services guarantee the operation of their servers. If you use a free VPN, there is a risk that they will soon stop working and the portable router will have to be reconfigured.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PrivateInternetAccess
  • IPVanish

Instructions for configuring routers for a specific VPN service can be found in the knowledge base of VPN providers.

VPN service is an excellent solution for the free use of the Internet anywhere and anytime. If you want to find a truly reliable service, we recommend paying attention to paid solutions like Nord VPN or ExpressVPN.