Virtual data rooms vs File-sharing Platform

Virtual data rooms and file-sharing platforms have become a very interesting method of storing all types of data, as well as sharing them with other users. We already know that there are many platforms of this type. Some focus on privacy, others have more tools and perhaps the most that can balance between the two, with more or less storage capacity. In this article, we will describe virtual data rooms and file-sharing platforms for sharing large files over the Internet in 2021.

Platforms for Sharing Very Large Files Over the Internet

Probably a few years ago, the needs we had to share files had nothing to do with today. Today, just recording video on our mobile phone takes several times more than a few years ago. The same goes for photos and almost any file or document. This means that if we want to share a folder with photos from the last trip, for example, we need to have a platform of a certain capacity.

Fortunately, cloud hosting has improved significantly over time. Platforms offer more capacity and allow you to share large files. We will name some of the most interesting and which work for free:

  1. FileMail is ideal for those who need to share very large files over the Internet and do not want to pay for it. It should be noted that we can use it on both mobile devices and desktops. It offers a wide range of possibilities. In its free version, we can download files up to 50 GB, they will also be available for 7 days. We can easily share the link or email it.
  2. JumboMail is another free platform. It should also be noted that we do not need to register to use this service. This allows us to send documents, which we can share on social media via a link, email, or any other platform. From the standpoint of rational behavior, a merger and acquisition transaction is profitable if it is profitable, that is, the value of the combined company is higher than the sum of the values of the companies separately.
  3. Another platform that offers us the ability to send up to 10 GB for free – SendTransfer. When we download the file, an option appears to specify the expiration date. We can assign you a series of days that will be available for removal. There is no limit to the number of users we intend to send this file to, and there is no limit to the number of documents or files we send.

Virtual Data Room Platform

vdr data room is an interesting alternative if you want to send large files to multiple users at the same time. However, it also has a paid version that allows us to send heavier files. The main reason for the integration processes of corporations is their desire to obtain a synergistic effect: an integrated business creates more value for shareholders than each of them work separately. For corporate governance purposes, two main types of synergy are considered – operational and financial. 

It is assumed that a synergistic value effect arises when the market value of the combined company is higher than the sum of the values of the merged companies due to the implementation of more efficient management, or by eliminating duplicate management functions in the combined company, or by increasing the scale of production and savings on costs.