IPVanish vs Expressvpn Comparison for Newbies

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IPVanish was launched in 2012 and is part of the Highwinds Network Group. In addition to providing the technical infrastructure for Steam PC games, Highwinds is also one of the pioneers of UseNet, the original information-sharing technology. IPVanish is also part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for an open and safe Internet. In February 2017, Highwinds was acquired by Stackpath.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN is a VPN service providing virtual private network service. Express VPN International Ltd. registered in the British Virgin Islands. It has created applications to protect users that use Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and routers.

IPVanish Review

We will start our IPVanish vs Expressvpn review with IPVanish. IPVanish is incredibly fast, which is good for transferring files, playing games, and streaming. Although access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer is very unstable. The service applications are very powerful, although not always easy to use. But the user support is really not enough. Advanced users won’t even notice these little drawbacks, as IPVanish offers high performance, advanced security settings, a huge selection of servers, and a zero log policy.

A small note to anonymity seekers: despite the fact that IPVanish is located in the United States, and, therefore, falls under their data jurisdiction, the service maintains a policy of absolutely zero logs. And this means that they simply do not have the information that they are obliged to give to the state.


IPVanish is replete with privacy features. They have high-quality encryption, a combination of their own and third-party DNS servers (and you choose which one to use), support for 443 ports (used for secure traffic over HTTPS), Killswitch, DNS leak blocking, and much more. They also maintain a zero log policy, stating that they do not store any data at all, not even the basic data of your connection.

If you are concerned that IPVanish is located in the US, then you shouldn’t care about it. We have reviewed their privacy policies and internal IPVanish procedures and we are confident that the service protects the privacy of its users.

ExpressVPN Benefits

Today there are many such services, but only a few of them are worthy of close attention. ExpressVPN is one of the best-in-class apps. This service has a number of advantages. Many VPN services are subject to the government blocking in various countries, making them risky to use. ExpressVPN has never been subject to any blocking, and all service programs are distributed completely free and are available in official stores such as Appstore and Google Play. Unlike many competitors, this application is available on most existing platforms, including desktop operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and mobile operating systems. The application is easy to install on the iPhone and iPad, as well as on any Android device.


Both these services are leaders in this sphere. You just need to check which terms fit you more and then decide on your VPN provider.