Anon VPN Review 2020

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The VPN provider market continues to develop rapidly every day. There are many companies on the market looking to grab their piece of the pie. Among them, there are both frankly low-quality services and those that can compete with international commercial giants. In this article, we will talk about a VPN provider, which is unknown to almost anyone. Its name is Anon VPN.

What is Anon VPN?

Anonymous VPN is a Seychelles-registered provider, which is already good. At the same time, under the same name, two different providers are hidden: and The functionality of both providers is almost the same. And they both also have one drawback: unreasonably high prices. In this Anon VPN review, we will focus on the first service because it is better known and more functional than its twin brother.


The functionality of this VPN service does not stand out from its competitors. Today, to be competitive, it is no longer enough to talk about AES-256, no logs, or the protection of Wi-Fi networks. Such things are self-evident. And users know about it. Although the service is positioned as anonymous, in fact, it does not represent any additional means of anonymization. We did not mention traffic obfuscation, its own protocols, and a built-in firewall.

Free Version

Today, free anonymous versions of VPNs are extremely popular. And this approach can be understood. Simply put, most people need VPN 1-2 times a month to go to a blocked torrent tracker and download a movie or game. Providers cannot differentiate between servers. A load of free users will interfere with the commercial activities of the services. But Anonymous VPN went even further. For $ 2 you can buy a trial version for 3 days. Should you do it? Definitely not. It is better to spend this money on something more useful.


Does the name of the service match reality? Does the service provide anonymity, or is it just another marketing ploy? The only thing that is good here is the registration in Seychelles. And the company will not transfer user information to law enforcement agencies in other countries. But there are much more negative aspects than positive ones, and they are the following:

  • You cannot buy a VPN anonymously. You can only pay for your subscription with a credit card. All information about the payment is stored on the servers of the provider.
  • The standard OpenVPN protocol is used. Yes, the protocol is quite secure and you shouldn’t worry about it. But for that kind of money, we would like to see the DoubleVPN system.
  • Registration is required for access. All personal information is also stored on the company’s servers.

Technical Support

Today, no one will be surprised by the 24/7 live chat support. However, this is not about this VPN provider. The only way to ask your question is to send an e-mail. According to the observations of users, the answer comes within one day.